RIVVIR 2017 Update

I wanted to write with a short update on what RIVVIR has been up to and a little bit about our plans for the future.

2016 was certainly an eventful year full of ups and downs.  Throughout the year RIVVIR was engaging in challenging projects across a range of industries.  

The majority of our work consisted of providing CTO services for HLA Data Systems, a company that provides lab workflow and interface solutions to the HLA labs that help pair organ donors with organ recipients.  The work involved supporting a legacy application while developing new applications for the marketplace based on a deep immersion into the industry.  The work took us to San Diego, Los Angeles, Palo Alto, Omaha, St. Louis, Boston, Philadelphia, and Raleigh-Durham.  We currently stand with a detailed vision for two new products that meet the challenging circumstances of long sales cycles, small budgets, and HIPPA compliance.  The projects that we built helped develop our skills in React Native (app, mobile keyboard development) and the Electron (desktop / web app hybrid) architecture.

We also spent some time this year helping to reimagine a well established oil and gas application used in the drilling process.  This work was particularly challenging due to the new technologies that the application was using and the unique approach to data that was employed.  Clojure and ClojureScript are a unique solution set that may be good to consider if the history of how your data changes is important to your business.

Finally, we spent some time developing a new system architecture for a company in the healthcare supply space that was having problems obtaining the technical direction that they needed. This project required us to rapidly come to understand the business challenges involved in the business and to translate those challenges to a clear, scalable solution that would meet the company's needs far into the future.  We delivered a detailed specification for the data storage layer as well as the services that would allow for a range of applications from web to mobile to hybrid applications.

This ability to quickly come to understand the core challenges of a business venture and translate those challenges into technology solutions is the core of what we do at RIVVIR.