Enterprise Apps

Not all business processes have an off the shelf software solutions.  Often a solution needs to be crafted to meet the needs of all the stakeholders involved.  Rivvir has built enterprise applications for Fortune 10 oil and gas companies, start-ups, and mid-caps.  Our solutions are tailored to meet both the budget and time constraints of our clients.

Web and Mobile Apps

Rivvir has created apps for IHOP, Applebee's, CheckedTwice and GrubSquad.


Sometimes all you need is a place to hang your shingle.  We can help you with that and have built many brochure sites on the wordpress platform for our clients.

Virtual CTO

Many companies are either too small to need a full time Chief Technology Officer or are just not focused on technology enough to warrant the position.  It is highly unlikely that your company needs no technology insight what-so-ever and we are here to meet that need.  From off the shelf software evaluations to a number to call when you forget to plug in your monitor and now it is 'broken' (it happens), Rivvir has your back.

Decision Support

Sometimes you need an outside voice, a devils advocate, a rationality coach.  Rivvir has developed a number of methods to not only help you make better decisions for your business, but also to help you find the right decisions to be making and when to leave well enough alone.