Rivvir Consulting focuses and amplifies profitable ventures through project based engagements.


Process Enhancement

We can help you take a valuable business process and deconstruct it into the component pieces that can be reassembled to deliver the same value with higher profits, increased agility, and a future proofed operations plan.

Appify and Cloudify

Tech is moving to a streamlined and light implementation architecture.  We design cloud based applications that take advantage of today's tech and push your value closer to your customers.

Skin in the game

We price projects in a way that gets our hands dirty.  Our profitability is based on your success. Anyone else that won't do the same will not have the same commitment that Rivvir delivers.

Founded 2011 by Austin Fatheree, Rivvir Consulting has been serving clients for over 5 years. We have completed projects in oil and gas, healthcare IT, consumer web, and blockchain.


Our goal is to accelerate the rate at which the future becomes the present.  The projects that we undertake help connect decision makers, improve human health and experience, and deliver value that helps us all build a stronger future.


Our Teams

We build teams on a per project basis with resources from across the globe.  This contracting approach assures that you always have the best team build for your project at a price you can afford.

Austin Fatheree


CEO and Chief Systems Architect